Is David Silver for real?

This skinny ass dude – if he turns sideways you can’t even see him – is in charge of the NBA?

bald ass head with dumbo ears wow

but he is gonna legalize gambling on the nba which at least makes sense

and at least hes not roger goodell

but damn just look at this guy up at the podium and this is the guy whos in charge of the nba?

dont judge a book by its cover i guess


Passing of the Guard – The old guys are irrelevant now


By now you have seen at least a half dozen super bowl half time shows where the featured “performer” was little more than a Weekend at Bernie’s ripoff; McCartney, Mick Jagger, Tom Petty, et. al..

There can only be two types of people who still enjoy these kinds of performances: those who take pills to get a boner and those who don’t.

Sorry, but if blood flows through you veins naturally and without medication then there is no way that these “Artists” can possibly pass for entertainment in the year 2015. I have now witnessed first hand that 1) these musicians are barely – if at all – even alive on stage and 2) so are the Lipitor/Viagra/Cialis crowd that pay ridiculous money to gather and watch them.

I used to get excited about the classic rock legends – I’ve seen (what’s left of) Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Steve Miller band, and now Paul McCartney – but now I realize that some things are better left in the past.

Its downright shocking the kind of prices that the Stones charge for tickets. This goes for many artists.

Sorry, I will just play your greatest hits on youtube. But, surround myself by ancient baby boomers paying 500 a seat to heat another geriatric baby boomer croon out a “hit”? Total farce.

Ridiculous, Redundant, Inefficient: Job Search Websites

Since I’ve been laid off I’ve had plenty of time to re-familiarize myself with the job search process. This means updating the LinkedIn, and creating accounts on all the various job boards, etc.

Is there anything more annoying than the sites that allow you to upload a resume – and THEN still make it mandatory to fill out their resume forms in their sites?

I just got done a two week long process of having my resume professionally updated and edited and they told me to go and upload it to their own site. You go there, and you get three options: 1) upload an existing resume, 2) create a resume with their template, 3) fill out the website form to generate a resume.

Well, I just got a brand new professional looking resume so of course I go and choose that option to upload it. And then get forced to do the other option anyway, and go through a 9 page form of typing the exact same shit that’s already in the resume.

At least make it so that all the required fields are put on the same page. What a waste of time.

Is this a fucking joke?

Too worked up to even type. You telling me they got rules against even making fucking water balloons and using water guns in the scouts now? Is this real fucking life?

Thank god, I must have been part of the last wave of scouts to come up when there were sane, decent, sound-minded adults running the show. I got to fire black powder rifles when I was 10 years old with the PA Hunters & Anglers. Survival camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, emergency preparedness, rifling, archery…

Now you can’t even make a fucking water balloon? What the fuck else is even going on?

Used to be a time, I looked forward to having a son to teach him that kind of shit and putting him in the scouts. Stories like this just make me disgusted. Good thing I still got the handbook, I’ll teach my kid the ropes myself.

For fucks sake this is unbelievable this sounds like an Onion article not one from The Federalist.

Digital Currency; False Advertising and Brutally Slow Service

Bitcoin – currency made for the internet age!

PayPal – instant money transfers to anyone!

Venmo – immediately pay other people!

Coinbase – buy and sell bitcoins instantly!

Bullshit. All of it.

I got a coinbase account so I could get some coins – “instantly”. But first, of course, you need to link it to an actual bank account. So you provide the information to verify your checking and routing numbers…wait 3 days. Two deposits of a few cents made and withdrawn, you use those numbers to verify.

Okay, that took a few days, but hey at least its done, right? Not yet. Then you purchase the bitcoins, and wait…. SEVEN DAYS! That’s right. I bought 200$ worth on May 19. “Estimated delivery on 5/26”. Thanks! By the way, they somehow figured out how to successfully withdraw the 200 from my checking account in 3 days. Actually giving me what I paid for (“instantly!”) somehow takes an extra few days.

Paying back a friend via the Venmo app? Sure. Same routine, have to verify the checking account first. So when a friend buys Eagles tickets and you owe him 85 bucks, no problem. You can “instantly” pay him back… SEVEN DAYS LATER! Thanks Venmo!

Someone owe you money? Cool, I also have PayPal, so all they have to do is PayPal it to me. They can send the “confirmation of payment” email within just minutes. But the part where they actually transfer the money from PayPal into my checking account? You guessed it – SEVEN DAYS!

So while paying, buying, selling, etc. on the internet can be convenient, don’t believe any of this bullshit about it being “instantaneous”. It isn’t. It takes days to even establish the accounts in the first place, and the only thing that seems to happen quickly is the part where they get their money. For the people whose money it is? More like a week. This is also known as False Advertising.



Best Buy: You are vile – stop spamming me!

I have a Best Buy credit card so when I signed up I had to provide an email address.

It used to be the occasional email from them about new sales, and since I had bought several fairly expensive items (laptop, tv, xbox, etc.) I get why they would send me those kind of things.

But last month I had enough when I checked my email and saw 5 different ads from them and I blocked them and marked it as spam.

And yet the emails KEEP COMING.

Fucking ridiculous and pathetic. I checked and it looks like they have an unlimited amount of different email addresses from which they send the junk mail. “”; “”; “”; etc., etc.

So you mark one of them as spam, and it doesn’t matter. Because they just keep sending them from new addresses.

Best Buy – please stop. I like getting electronics there but this is too much. I don’t want your fucking ads and if I did I’d ask. If this keeps up I will cancel my Best Buy account and buy my electronics elsewhere.

DUI Checkpoints: Still nerve-wracking even when sober

After a night of playing poker with some friends, I left Bethlehem to head over to the Strange Brew Tavern in Allentown to meet up with some other friends.

The plan was just to hang out there, then head over to a party, and be the DD since I hadn’t been drinking all night. Anyway, everyone heads over to the party separately, and me, being unfamiliar with the area, fall behind and get lost. In the end I decide to just drive home instead of meeting back up with everyone.

Going down 78W, get off exit 54A for 222S (while thinking I should just stay on until exit 49A for 100S) and sure enough, just past Krocks road, I see the flashing blue lights up ahead – Sobriety Checkpoint.

Of course I get stopped and asked to pull off to the side. The trooper was nice enough but for some reason I was still very nervous – noticeably so. Thankfully he only asked me to follow his finger with my eyes and not do the alphabet. Told him I wasn’t drinking and that I actually had come from a bar, but only for DD purposes.

After following his finger for what felt like an eternity, he told me to relax, be careful, and have a nice evening. When I got home ten minutes later I still felt out of breath.

95% of the time, if I’m driving home from a bar at 1 in the morning, I’ve probably been drinking. This encounter was a close call, and I will reconsider my actions going forward.

They need more golf channels

They have a dozen different ESPN channels which are all entirely unwatchable (except for live sporting events) and yet only one golf channel.

Yes, there is “golf channel extra” but I don’t have a tablet and even if I did I wouldn’t want to watch live golf on a smartphone or other type of device. Streaming it on a laptop is also really weak – unless you have to be in the office and it’s the only option.

But why should there be a second (or third) channel? Because there are always at least 4 tournaments each weekend, and they all start in the morning. Why should I wait until 3 PM for NBC to pickup the coverage when the round started at 8 AM? I get that not everyone wants to watch 10 hours of golf per day (not sure why but I have heard that opinion) so I’m not saying to put it on NBC or another major network all day.

So how about Golf Channel 2?

Here’s an example. Today is Friday May 22. Already the European Tour’s BMW Championship is on in England and fortunately that has been on air since 5 AM EST. But the PGA Crowne Plaza in Texas started hours ago as well and I’d rather be able to switch back and forth between the two.

Of less interest is the Senior PGA Championship in West Virginia (also underway). Earlier in the week the LPGA Kingsmill Championship and the BMW Charity Pro-Am were also played.

Plenty of golf, all week long, and yet we get stuck with sporadic coverage at random times.

Please add Golf Channel 2, and 3 if necessary. I will pay extra.

Also, Johnny Miller, Dan Hicks, David Feherty, and the guy with the big mustache are all total buffoons, get them off the air. Sir Nick Faldo holds it down in coverage he can stay.

Crest 3-D Whitestrips – WTF?



I like to drink a lot of coffee. In fact, just this morning I woke up and had 3 k-cups from the Keurig machine, and then drank a large Starbucks iced coffee black (yes, I called it “venti” when ordering). So I know that my teeth are pretty stained; maybe you can’t see it from five feet away, but up close it’s definitely noticeable and today I decided to try to do something about it.

You ever see those Whitestrip things on TV commercials or even in the toothpaste aisle? I decided to grab a box of them this time and give it a shot. It says all you have to do is apply the strips, let them sit for 30 minutes and then throw them away. The part about having to do it 14 days in a row kind of sucks but I figured the end result would be worth it.

Having just got home and tried it for the first time, I have already thrown them in the trash. Here’s why:

  • First of all, the strips themselves are hard to pry off the little plastic backing things they come on without messing them up. It’s like when you are trying to get a piece of Saran-wrap and it sticks to itself and you have to pry it back apart and it gets all crumbled up. In other words – it was difficult to even get the damn things out of their packaging
  • Then you go to actually put them on and realize they must have been made for infants or something. There wasn’t a different section for kids/adults so I assumed it was one size fits all. So the instructions are to apply to your teeth and fold the strips over so they stick in place. I don’t have Mr. Ed type humongous teeth, but these strips barely even cover the front part of my teeth. I know that’s the only part that is visible, but I didn’t really have enough material to fold over and keep them in place
  • Apart from not being big enough to actually apply and fold over, they’re not wide enough either. These would be perfect if you only want to whiten like the middle 8 teeth on the top and bottom, but if you actually want all your visible teeth to be whitened, you’d need to apply two strips side by side
  • But the worst part by far is actually having these things in place. Maybe it was because they weren’t big enough to actually fit my mouth, but the edges of the strips were digging into my gums on the front. Far from noticeable, it was actually somewhat painful, like someone poking your gums with their fingernails. I don’t know if you’re supposed to avoid swallowing whatever the whitening material is, but after just a couple minutes, my mouth starts watering/drooling, the liquid starts seeping out, the things are sliding around and I’m going back to the sink to spit again.

In the end, I lasted a total of 7 minutes with these things applied before I pulled them off and threw them in the trash can. 30 minutes? No fucking way. They cost $24.99 plus tax, so I don’t even know if it’s worth going through the process of getting a refund.

Moral of the story: They are uncomfortable, difficult to use, and if you are larger than a small child, they probably don’t fit.

What a waste; I’ll just deal with having coffee stained teeth.

Another debacle at the tavern

Getting harder and harder to justify trips to the Liberty Street Tavern…

After a boycott of several months based on the ridiculous behavior of their staff (the guy is apparently the manager), we finally started going back again on a somewhat regular basis. This is mostly to keep working on the mug club list that some of us had started, but also because they almost always have a good tap rotation with at least a few unique beers that no one else in the Valley has.

But lately they are drifting back into boycott territory.

I will give them a break when the service gets a little slow during peak weekend hours – but by that I mean I can understand having to wait a few extra minutes to get a beer. On Friday, they outright forgot orders multiple times for multiple people. Not just taking too long to bring back the requested beer, but taking an order, walking away, and coming back 30 minutes later to ask if we needed anything.

Seriously, a table of four people and it was three different servers over the course of two hours who each forgot at least one order for all four of us.

So while the food is good and the beer selection is great, this pathetic amateur hour level of service is becoming too much of a drag to keep going back. What’s the point of going to a bar where the beers only come once an hour – if at all?

Step it up Liberty Street – Friday night was strike two and a third strike will result in a lifetime forfeiture of our patronage. There are many other bars with good beer and servers that know how to do their job at a reasonable level.