Getting harder and harder to justify trips to the Liberty Street Tavern…

After a boycott of several months based on the ridiculous behavior of their staff (the guy is apparently the manager), we finally started going back again on a somewhat regular basis. This is mostly to keep working on the mug club list that some of us had started, but also because they almost always have a good tap rotation with at least a few unique beers that no one else in the Valley has.

But lately they are drifting back into boycott territory.

I will give them a break when the service gets a little slow during peak weekend hours – but by that I mean I can understand having to wait a few extra minutes to get a beer. On Friday, they outright forgot orders multiple times for multiple people. Not just taking too long to bring back the requested beer, but taking an order, walking away, and coming back 30 minutes later to ask if we needed anything.

Seriously, a table of four people and it was three different servers over the course of two hours who each forgot at least one order for all four of us.

So while the food is good and the beer selection is great, this pathetic amateur hour level of service is becoming too much of a drag to keep going back. What’s the point of going to a bar where the beers only come once an hour – if at all?

Step it up Liberty Street – Friday night was strike two and a third strike will result in a lifetime forfeiture of our patronage. There are many other bars with good beer and servers that know how to do their job at a reasonable level.