They have a dozen different ESPN channels which are all entirely unwatchable (except for live sporting events) and yet only one golf channel.

Yes, there is “golf channel extra” but I don’t have a tablet and even if I did I wouldn’t want to watch live golf on a smartphone or other type of device. Streaming it on a laptop is also really weak – unless you have to be in the office and it’s the only option.

But why should there be a second (or third) channel? Because there are always at least 4 tournaments each weekend, and they all start in the morning. Why should I wait until 3 PM for NBC to pickup the coverage when the round started at 8 AM? I get that not everyone wants to watch 10 hours of golf per day (not sure why but I have heard that opinion) so I’m not saying to put it on NBC or another major network all day.

So how about Golf Channel 2?

Here’s an example. Today is Friday May 22. Already the European Tour’s BMW Championship is on in England and fortunately that has been on air since 5 AM EST. But the PGA Crowne Plaza in Texas started hours ago as well and I’d rather be able to switch back and forth between the two.

Of less interest is the Senior PGA Championship in West Virginia (also underway). Earlier in the week the LPGA Kingsmill Championship and the BMW Charity Pro-Am were also played.

Plenty of golf, all week long, and yet we get stuck with sporadic coverage at random times.

Please add Golf Channel 2, and 3 if necessary. I will pay extra.

Also, Johnny Miller, Dan Hicks, David Feherty, and the guy with the big mustache are all total buffoons, get them off the air. Sir Nick Faldo holds it down in coverage he can stay.