After a night of playing poker with some friends, I left Bethlehem to head over to the Strange Brew Tavern in Allentown to meet up with some other friends.

The plan was just to hang out there, then head over to a party, and be the DD since I hadn’t been drinking all night. Anyway, everyone heads over to the party separately, and me, being unfamiliar with the area, fall behind and get lost. In the end I decide to just drive home instead of meeting back up with everyone.

Going down 78W, get off exit 54A for 222S (while thinking I should just stay on until exit 49A for 100S) and sure enough, just past Krocks road, I see the flashing blue lights up ahead – Sobriety Checkpoint.

Of course I get stopped and asked to pull off to the side. The trooper was nice enough but for some reason I was still very nervous – noticeably so. Thankfully he only asked me to follow his finger with my eyes and not do the alphabet. Told him I wasn’t drinking and that I actually had come from a bar, but only for DD purposes.

After following his finger for what felt like an eternity, he told me to relax, be careful, and have a nice evening. When I got home ten minutes later I still felt out of breath.

95% of the time, if I’m driving home from a bar at 1 in the morning, I’ve probably been drinking. This encounter was a close call, and I will reconsider my actions going forward.