I have a Best Buy credit card so when I signed up I had to provide an email address.

It used to be the occasional email from them about new sales, and since I had bought several fairly expensive items (laptop, tv, xbox, etc.) I get why they would send me those kind of things.

But last month I had enough when I checked my email and saw 5 different ads from them and I blocked them and marked it as spam.

And yet the emails KEEP COMING.

Fucking ridiculous and pathetic. I checked and it looks like they have an unlimited amount of different email addresses from which they send the junk mail. “@bestbuy.com”; “@info.bestbuy.com”; “@info.alert.bestbuy.com”; etc., etc.

So you mark one of them as spam, and it doesn’t matter. Because they just keep sending them from new addresses.

Best Buy – please stop. I like getting electronics there but this is too much. I don’t want your fucking ads and if I did I’d ask. If this keeps up I will cancel my Best Buy account and buy my electronics elsewhere.