Since I’ve been laid off I’ve had plenty of time to re-familiarize myself with the job search process. This means updating the LinkedIn, and creating accounts on all the various job boards, etc.

Is there anything more annoying than the sites that allow you to upload a resume – and THEN still make it mandatory to fill out their resume forms in their sites?

I just got done a two week long process of having my resume professionally updated and edited and they told me to go and upload it to their own site. You go there, and you get three options: 1) upload an existing resume, 2) create a resume with their template, 3) fill out the website form to generate a resume.

Well, I just got a brand new professional looking resume so of course I go and choose that option to upload it. And then get forced to do the other option anyway, and go through a 9 page form of typing the exact same shit that’s already in the resume.

At least make it so that all the required fields are put on the same page. What a waste of time.